Our Curriculum

Our unit of study for the month of February is Light. In this unit, children will learn about light, darkness and shadows. In this unit, children have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of natural and man-mad sources of light. Activities throughout the unit prompt children to explore light, darkness and shadows with hands-on material as well as provide opportunities for children to make predictions and think about their world in increasingly abstract ways.


Light    Dark     Battery     Day

Nocturnal     Diurnal     Sunglasses    Reflection

Flame     Lantern     Opaque     Shadow

Sun     Electricity     Rainbow     Mirror

Flashlight     Moon     Transparent     Translucent

Lightning     Fire     Heat


Unit 6: Light

Books to Read with Your Child

Click on the pictures to see each book.*


Round Trip written by Ann Jonas

"A visual stunner....The format is wonderfully inventive—once the traveler arrives in the city, the book is flipped over and read back to the beginning, with the black-and-white pictures taking on new meanings....Sure to delight and fascinate."—Publishers Weekly.

All About Light written by Lisa Trumbauer

From Scholastic:

"Where does light come from? How does it travel? Light up children”s interest in physical science with this beginner”s look at a popular science subject."


Moonbear's Shadow written by Frank Asch

From Amazon:

"Bear tries everything he can think of to get rid of his shadow."

*We are not affiliated with nor endorse any product. Clicking on these links does not benefit the school in any way.

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